Active Directory preparation

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Active Directory preparation

A service user and a security group for Confluence have to be created into the Active Directory.

These are examples, for a confluence installation located at URL Remember to change your site's details.

Confluence Service User

Add a service user for Confluence into Active Directory

If you already have a service account for user integration via LDAP you can use that account.

Creating a user for Confluence Wiki:

  • Username "confluence"
  • Password never expires
  • User cannot change password
Set Service Principals for the Confluence user

Service Principals for the Confluence user must also be set. Issue the following commands in Command Prompt:

Confluence Group

Create a group for users allowed to log in to Confluence:

  • Group name: "wikiusers"
    • You can choose any groupname or a even make number of groups, example "Intra Users" and "Extra Users"
  • Global Security Group
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