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This is Deployment Manual for the Integrated Windows Authentication for Confluence. This manual is purposed for IT professional who has basic knowledge of administrating Windows Active Directory and Atlassian Confluence Enterprise Wiki. Please notice also that if the deployment with guidance of this manual seems to be too difficult or your organisation lack skills required for deployment you are able to get support. [Please fill in the contact form to get support].


Integrated Windows Authentication for Confluence allows Confluence authentication to take place transparently like native Windows services in a Windows Domain. After the user has logged into their workstation or laptop they do not need to enter a username and password to login to Confluence anymore. The Wiki is available with the user's own credentials without any interaction from the user.

You are able to limit the windows authentication to specific IP-addresses and/or usernames and to simultaneously enable normal Confluence Authentication e.g. for extranet users.


It is highly advisable to use https for the authentication so these instructions are based on using https.


There are three major steps in the deployment process: Active Directory, Browser and Confluence preparation. Please check also latest Release Notes.



  • Install Integrated Windows Authentication App from the Apps manager or from here.
  • Download related JAR from Polar Shift's download server.
    • for Confluence 5.x versions download iwac-lib-1.x version
    • for Confluence 6.x versions download iwac-lib-2.x version


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